Adulation Zinfandal

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with ripe fruit, a well-balanced structure, firm tannins and acidity. It tastes of raspberry and cherry pie and shows well-integrated, firm acidity. The wine ends its development in a spicy, mineral-like style. All five red Bordeaux varieties are represented here, providing velvety tar and black lilies, with a veneer of earth and wet earth. The highlight is strawberries and the rest of the wine shows chalky tannins, which keep it fresh and balanced. This is a stellar vintage for this variety in Washington, especially in the warmer appellation east of the Columbia Valley. Fresh raspberry, cherry and rhubarb compote entice on the nose of this bottling from a vineyard that`s slightly northwest of the Sta. Rita Hills appellation.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with bright acidity, a crisp texture and a light touch of citrus. Well-named, the finish is clean, but not super concentrated. A little sharp, with a bit of minty green, this is a Pinot Noir to drink young rein-down from early exposure. The fruit is potent and brawny, some currants, raspberries and stewed figs. A good Pinot, dry and crisp, with nice raspberry, cherry, cola and spice flavors. Feels ultraripe and light, but sophisticated enough. Drink now. Light, crisp and minerally, this Riesling has intensely grapefied aromas and intensely elegant flavors. It`s delicate and delicate, but rich with minerality and sweetened citrus flavors. A little green and minty, with strong herbal flavors and a black currant note. Definitely sweet, this is a wine that is designed to appeal to the senses.
Wine experts say this Red wine is the perfect pairing for those who seek well-aged, full-bodied red wines. Made from 100% Grenache, the wine is bold and slightly fizzy, with bright acidity and lemon, lime, raspberry and other intensely fruity flavors. It`s dry, but rich, and the alcohol is relatively low. What`s notable is the depth of flavor and the way it avoids being jammy or overripe. Soft and lush, this well-accented white has waves of lemons, limes, Meyer lemons, figs and white pepper. It is balanced by a layer of final acidity that edges it slightly sweet. An interesting Chard that offers more body and tannins than most Chardonnays, this wine has clean, peppery notes on the nose and some meaty, smoky flavors on the finish.

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