Cabernet Sauvignon Pupilla

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with ripe fruit and a smooth, elegant structure all in proportion. The aromas of cherry, blackberry and spice are just delicious, while the flavors are a little earthy in feel and rather light in feel. This is a New Zealand-style blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, starting with aromas of lightly smokey red fruits followed by strong flavors of aged apple. It doesn`t quite live up to the winery`s other top-notch offerings, but it`s still a pretty nice rosé. Juicy and full of life, this is a solid, fruity wine, textured and full in the mouth. The wine has weight and a balanced character that gives it weight and a blackberry flavor that is soft and juicy. A great apéritif wine. Light and fruity with pineapple, orange and floral notes. It`s fresh and crisp and everything is well in balance. Drink now.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with plenty of fruit and a smooth mouthfeel. There are hints of herbal cedar and a subtle potpourri of aromas, leading into a distinctly spicy and smoky tasting midpalate of plum and cherry that`s pleasantly peppery and toasty. Dark pink in color, this wine begins with a lovely floral and earthy fragrance of violet and iris. The flavors carry over to the light, refreshing palate, joined by an herbal edge and fine, soft tannins. Pair it with very spicy Asian cuisine. While intensely ripe, this wine has a fine edge of wood and toast as well as red berry fruits. It is a concentrated wine, full of potential and with a solid, more stalky structure at the end. With its intense perfume of honey and pear, this is a complex wine. Despite flaunting its sweetness, it also has a great, fresh acidity.
Wine experts say this Red wine is the epitome of “fruity” meaning a steak with lots of black-cherry fruit and a splash of spearmint. Many others in its ilk. The blend is a Bordeaux-style Syrah with 17% Cabernet Sauvignon and 17% Merlot, and good things. There`s an intense purity to this Pinot Nero that shines through the elegant balance of mouth-cleansing acidity and lush, creamy mouthfeel. It`s a classic Russian River Pinot, firmly structured and long-lasting, with a bone-dry finish. This is a lovely, rich and nuanced wine, so different from many other Russian River Pinots in its approachable elegance and earthy minerality. Brims with raspberries, strawberries and cherries, with bacon fat and lots of spice. Seems at its best now and in its most honest years.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with bright acidity, a smooth mouthfeel and a touch of minerality. Pair it with lasagna or meat-filled ravioli. A blend of 70% Semillon and 30% Sauvignon Blanc, this straightforward, crisp wine has tasty citrus fruit flavors, a light tang of orange zest and zesty lime. It`s really easy to drink now. The grapes used for this cheese-driven wine underwent malolactic fermentation to produce a new, creamy wine. The result is a balanced, still young wine, full of fruit but with just the right amount of acidity. Sweet tannins linger softly around the finish. This is a lightly extracted and elegant wine with notes of forest floor, berry and cigar box. It delivers a lot of enjoyment with its powerful, broad-shouldered palate of blackberry, cherry and dark spice. The acidity is well-managed and the finish long and balanced.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a creamy texture and aromas of freshly squeezed lemon and a slight prickle on the tongue. Pair this with chicken in more than a salad or cold cuts. A good Pinot Noir, dry and elegantly constructed, with rich cherry, cola and sandalwood flavors. Dry and spicy, with a nice scour of acidity. Give it a few years to let the layers of powdery oak soften. Not a big, superconcentrated wine, but a good example of its matured style, in which the fruit is ripe and so, so much so, but there`s a fruit-forward melon and peach richness that makes the wine so distinctive. It`s dry, but very ripe. Big, burly Pinot from this ancient property. Now the winery producing its flagship Pinot Noir, this is a seriously structured, red wine, with firm tannins and ripe berry fruits.

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