Castillo de Aza Tinto Fino Ribera del Duero DO

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with plenty of forward fruit and some slightly green tannins in the finish. Still, there is a hard, drying quality and there is a touch of bitterness that may limit ageability. Dark in color, this hearty wine is made in a very ripe, extracted style. It`s very powerful in cassis, blackberry and cherry fruit, with a smoky, sweet, barbecue-like streak. Give it plenty of decanting, and it should gradually develop over time. Forward and fruity, this bold, full-bodied wine has acid-propelled power. The front has a deep color, fruity flavors that contrast with the acidity, and a firm, tannic texture. All that is at the end a bit of show all. A ripe, red-fruited wine with attractive acidity and structure. It is rich, rounded and soft on the finish.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a soft, approachable texture, a smooth and luscious texture and quite toasty flavors of red and black cherry. Elegant and light, it offers enough structure to age for over a decade. This is an interesting and potentially very good Cabernet. It could be your everyday Zucciper, rich in tannins and dryness, but it has real elegance, delivering a mouthwatering, textured mouthfeel. There are raspberries and cherries you`ll detect, and the tannins are polished and strong. Drink now through 2010. You know you`re dealing with a great Cabernet Sauvignon because it`s so perfectly drinkable, it dazzles with blackberry, cherry, currant, currant, spice and cedar flavors, and is dry. Shows real elegance and class, with a long, distinguished cellar life.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with ripe fruit augmented with complex notes of apricots, dates and hazelnuts. The richness is balanced by a good mineral streak, and the wine is ready to drink now. All of Viu Manent`s single-vineyard wines have this message: It`s clean, racy and super-clean. Right off, you get honey, jelly and white flower flavors that seem a bit forward, but don`t interfere with the fresh, crisp Chardonnay fruit. The deeper shade of Pinot Gris comes from the south of France, which gives this a very mineral style of Sauvignon Blanc. There`s attractive, tight citrus acidity here, and a green, crisp aftertaste. Buttered toast and vanilla scents rise to the top of this Cabernet-driven blend, but show more on the palate, where baked red cherry, herb and pepper flavors are joined by hints of vanilla and nut.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a nice structure of acids and tight fruit tannins. The fruit is vivid and intense, offering good waves of raspberries and cherries, and promising a dry, structured, finishing wine. A fine Pinot from this fine winery. It`s pretty tannic now, with the rustic edge of the grape, but the raspberry and cherry fruit flavors, with the edge of the variety in the finaly edge through the finish, testify to its Napa origins. This is a terrific signing wine. A fine wine, with Napa edge and a great terroir-driven wine. The structure shows in the dams and tannins, and the flavors are pure Zin. Give it 3–4 years to begin showing its best. Merlot (44%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (28%) make up the majority of this wine, with the balance equal parts Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

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