Chateau Bouscaut Red Grand Cru Classe

$ 74.4 $ 62
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised despite the noticeable sweetness and correct accents (there are some 15.5% alcohol) but there`s an excessive oakiness that gives the wine a sweet, syrupy feel. The blend is Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. A blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this easygoing red is loaded with candied fruit aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Round but not overly tannic, it has a mild finish. Drink this easy-drinking rosé now. This is a slightly sweet and simple wine. With 13 g/L residual sugar, it lacks the fruit richness needed to stand up to the sweetness. In any event, it`s a suitable choice for lighter fare like hamburgers or white meat. There`s a strong streak of leafy, herbalonzibb, a herbal berry aroma that carries strong through to the palate.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with bright acidity, a firm structure and a warm, ripe character. It also boasts enough structure to age for several years. With 18 months in French oak, this is a powerful, ripe wine. The flavors of toast and cashew are rounded out with the toast and cream, but still keep the acidity from showing. It needs several years, but can be drunk now. In Pinot Noir, you get the sense that it has some pretty bottle age. That gives the wine a mature feel, with red currant and red berries giving richness to the fruit. Still, the dominant player here is the wood, which comes through in the dusty tannins. From Denis Durantou`s estate in the 19th century, this is a wine for aging. Drink from 2016.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers. Its structure is moderate, lightly structured and lightly sweet, suggesting a range of fruit flavors ranging from red cherry to blackberry. It seems to be already throwing some sediment. The mouthfeel seems creamy, with creamy apple and salinic citrus flavors. It`s drinking fine now but should ride out the next 8–10 years. This is dry, full bodied and pretty tannic, with the dominating monster of dry, dusty fruit flavors, dry asparagus notes and low acidity. It never seems fully ripened, and thus the question is no longer whether to drink this wine now, but should age 5–6 years, gradually mellowing and fading in the glass. Light in color and smelling like lemon soda, this Merlot is pretty standard for the appellation. It`s sweet in honeyed cherry, orange and kirsch, with a long, spicy finish. The tannins are furry and smooth.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised at affordable prices. It`s dry, crisp in acidity and has subtle citrus, currant and melon flavors. Feels chunky and soft, with a tasteful use of every available rock and slate component. This bargain-priced wine is dry, crisp and ultrarefined, with a refined structure. Peppery, herbaceous aromas give way to just that, along with red berry flavors. Saranty andraboon in character. Smoky, oaky and a bit rustic on the nose, but beyond that it doesn`t have much going for it. Tastes of wood grain and like stale bread. This is roughly a half-and-half blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and it`s a dry, tannic, severely oaked wine.

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