Costa Vento красное полусладкое

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with bright acidity, strong citrus and more. The palate is fresh and cleansing, with good but not very persistent fruit flavors. Finishes with some chocolaty overtones. There`s a very light, delicate quality to this Sauvignon Blanc that many wineries find appealing, but it`s the delicateenned character that really distinguishes it. Basically it`s a creamy Sauvignon Blanc with just a tiny hint of pears and pears, but it`s delicious and convincing. As it opens and settles in, the wine comes alive in the mouth. This lively, raspberry- and red-fruit-flavored wine is fresh, steely and crisp, with a wonderful burst of acidity for balance. This is dry, full bodied and pretty much as good as rosés go. Its lemon, lime, orange and vanilla flavors are rich and clean, but quite oaky.

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