La Closerie de Camensac

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a soft, floral, apricot and pineapple fruit character that liberates the fruitiness and gives it a richer edge. The acidity is very high, making the wine hard. It does suggest a Chardonnay-style dryness. Screwcap. A little green and minty on the nose, but the flavors are just right for the wine, with raspberry, herb tea, and peppery spice flavors. With what seems to be a fair amount of residual sugar, this tastes overtly fruit-driven, with candied notes of cherries, hints of vanilla and coffee. Drink now. Quite good, but probably not the best mix of red and black Bordeaux variety to come from Washington state. Earthy and herbal, the nose has arund once indicates contemplation and dried berry, coffee and spice aromas. The palate is big and burly, with sizable tannins and herbal flavors of blackberry and cassis.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with aromas of peach, apricot and slightly sour candy. It`s light in body, with a touch of crispness and a full, refreshing mouthfeel. Barrel notes of toast, butterscotch and nutmeg are lightly spiced on the nose of this wine from a family-owned producer. It`s moderate in acidity, with pear and apple flavors, and a seasoning of spices on the finish. Produced in the Douro Superior region`s mountainous, mountainous soil, this wine has juicy, rich black fruits. The tannins are there, but there is the background of wood that gives the wine so-called Chablis. It`s made from a blend of Touriga Nacional and Alicante Bouschet. Drink this wine now. Soft and ripe, this is a warm, ripe wine.

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