Les Pagodes de Cos

$ 85 $ 68
750 ml

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Wine experts say this Red wine is the cherry sauce of the Northwest. It`s dry, brisk in acidity and delicately flavored with raspberries, cherries and herbes de Provence. It`s a wine to warm up to, and it`s hard to imagine a table wine better than this at the table. This medium-bodied, cheerful red offers smoky blackberry and graham cracker alongside smoky oak and dusty tannins. There`s a streak of cola running through it all, so give it some more concentration than this. This full-bodied, creamy wine has a nice balance of lemon acidity, citrus and apple flavors. It`s immediately appealing, and it has a dry, complex finish. Aromas of tree bark and rooty fruit are less than pristine and clean. This feels heavy, grabby and tannic, while earthy flavors of blackberry and cassis are ripe and oaky, with oak providing spice.

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