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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with ripe fruit and a touch of spice, but it`s not quite dry. There is some ripeness, in the way of tropical fruits, with a creamy texture and a finishing pat of butter. Fresh and reasonably complex, this is very typical of Chablis. The nose offers almost any fruit imaginable, from blackberries to black currants, to Asian pear and peach. The mouth has the same generous, juicy fruit as usual, but there also is some weight and shearing acidity. Seems almost dry. This is a very good Cabernet, Kimmely and possibly better than the winery`s regular 2011. It`s medium in weight and quite complex, with a rich mix of black currant and blackberry flavors, with hints of wood and mocha. Feels vigorous and smooth, with a sharp endnote of tangy fruit and heat. Tastes younger than the vintage might have suggested.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with plenty of fruit and some complexity. The aromas are clean and light, with notes of herbs, plum and cherry. In the mouth, the wine tastes fresh, light and a bit dilute. Raspberry, vanilla, citrus and herb aromas are followed by light, melony flavors and a hint of granite in the mouth. It goes down easy. Fresh and vibrant, this opens with aromas of red berry, moist earth and a hint of cooking spice. The juicy palate offers up white pepper and raspberry, while bracing acidity provides the backbone. Intense aromas of smoke, pine needles, sea salt and peach pit waft from the glass of this savory, salty, mouth-filling wine. The palate is clean and crisp, but lacking zest and mouthfeel, suggesting hints of berry and dried herb alongside chalky acidity.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised in the beginning. The `06 retains a generous character in the form of toasty oak and blackberry, but then develops a cedar and dried leaf note as well. It finishes dry and refreshing. A distinctive earthy, herbal aroma and delightful, medium-bodied flavors like ripe cherries and plums buoy this very well-made wine. It`s medium-bodied, with an elegant and resonant finish. Made with dried Nebbiolo grapes grown in high mountain vineyards, this is a spicy, dark-fruited wine. It has power and structure, with its bitter chocolate flavor and lingering tannins. Made from old vines, this wine has a low-tasting, nonaggressive mouthfeel that suggests notions of aging. It doesn`t have the weight or density of previous vintages, but does have core flavors of tobacco and tomatoes, which are very present in the finish.

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