Torres, Mas Rabell Alquimia Catalunya DO 2016

$ 10.4 $ 8
750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with bright acidity, but it still has a few more years to go in the cellar. It`s fresh and citrusy, with a combination of acidity and body that makes it appetizing and enjoyable. Powerful and rich, this wine offers thick extraction, a big mouthfeel and a big-boned taste of ripe gooseberries and grapefruit. It was aged for 14 months in French oak, which doesn`t neccessarily dry out. This is a dry, earthy white wine, made to be drunk young, that`s fruity and spicy. Like the winery`s reserve, it has a ripe, creamy feel with subtle acidity. The lemon, peach, vanilla and cream flavors are really nice. Spicy and ripe, this is a nicely made, country-style wine, light and fruity, with a dusting of mocha and butterscotch.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with aromas of grapefruit skin and orange peel, a touch of vanilla and peach blossoms, particularly pineapple. The wine is dry and crisp in style, with a citrusy kick that ends clean. Pair with spot-duty oysters or, better yet, spend 20 bucks in a glass. A blend of Friulano and Verduzzo, this delivers fresh aromas of apricot, acacia, white peach and a hint of Bartlett pear. Lively acidity keeps it fresh, with a bristling note of fresh herbs. Chunky and pulpy, this brings bright notes of pear, banana and papaya. It seems to be still young, and needs time to fully develop its alcoholic stride. Dark and minerally, this smells like hickory and campfire on the nose, and feels broad and dense on the palate. Hailing from barrel-relatedij Baymain, it combines red fruit with black spice.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with aromas of grapefruit pith, nectarine and melon, and flavors of green plum and melon. It`s medium bodied, and has some sense of freshness on the finish, plus textural richness and a certain vibrance on the finish. This has aromas of moist earth, red berry, blue flower and a whiff of baking spice. The straightforward, juicy palate offers wild cherry, strawberry and a hint of clove alongside zesty acidity. An intensely flavored wine with nutty, smoky flavors and a broad texture, giving good complexity. It is soft, juicy and ready to drink. Aromas of moist earth, blue flower, black berry and a whiff of coffee lead the nose. The straightforward, somewhat diluted palate offers tart cherry, red currant and a hint of spice. Polished tannins provide closes support.

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