Masseria del Fauno Negroamaro

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750 ml

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Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a creamy texture and aromas of freshly cut peach, pear, hard apple and fresh-cut grass. It`s a delicious wine, with just-in-check aromatic steel and lively citrus flavors that linger on the finish. Lots of apple tones, some rounded fruit, notably pear turn redompar on the finish. Fragrant on the nose with aromas of fresh apples accented with ripe pears and even some floral notes, this medium-sweet Riesling is pithy and fruit-forward on the palate. It`s dry and quite acidic. A lesson in contrasts: the nose is both delicate and gravelly, while the palate abounds with marked intensity of apple and plum. It`s pleasant but seems slightly muted. The wine seems thin and watery at first, but it blossoms with time in the glass.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers. Its structure is moderate, lightly structured and lightly sweet, suggesting a range of fruit flavors ranging from red cherry to blackberry. It seems to be already throwing some sediment. The mouthfeel seems creamy, with creamy apple and salinic citrus flavors. It`s drinking fine now but should ride out the next 8–10 years. This is dry, full bodied and pretty tannic, with the dominating monster of dry, dusty fruit flavors, dry asparagus notes and low acidity. It never seems fully ripened, and thus the question is no longer whether to drink this wine now, but should age 5–6 years, gradually mellowing and fading in the glass. Light in color and smelling like lemon soda, this Merlot is pretty standard for the appellation. It`s sweet in honeyed cherry, orange and kirsch, with a long, spicy finish. The tannins are furry and smooth.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised in terms of ripe, chewy cherry and red currant flavors. It feels broad and jelly-like on the palate, with light, sweetly jellied acidity. The tannins work the sharpness. This blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère is tough, gritty and austere. The light- to medium-bodied fruit flavors suggest currant, cassis and blackberry, while the finish is long and sharp. Drink now. Ripe, fruity and extremely full-bodied, this wine has notes of green apple, candied lemon and honey. It`s very low in alcohol, but the concentration gives it a unique personality. This is a simple, fruity and fresh wine. Soft tannins and black plum skins give the wine a light structure, while the acidity boosts the fruitiness. Drink now.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised despite the stiff tannins and sweet, sugary-sweet flavors. The blend is dominated by Grenache, which is not surprising in a wine with such rich flavors. Earns extra points for amplifying the herbs and herbs. Berry, plum and spice aromas start off the nose, but soon turn more muddled and weedy, with a bit of sour plum leading into a chunky, fairly oaky palate. The flavors are ripe but don`t always seem entirely fresh or balanced. Peachy aromas are mellow, while the palate is more acidic, showing a sharp streak of herb. Very tasty, but not for those longtime Monastrell lovers. A blend of Syrah and Cabernet, this opens with blackberry, pepper and prune aromas. It shows a light, elegant mouthfeel with solid structure and nice depth.

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