Monasterio del Pueyo

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a creamy mousse and strong acidity. But the French oak seems a bit out-dated. At one moment there is weight but at another there is an unabsorbed sweetness that almost tastes chunky. For now there is great liveliness and sumptuous fruit. Named after the 13th-century house at the center of the estate, this wine is big, but its big-arm flavor is well balanced. Its richness is balanced by the ripe berry fruits and final citrus acidity. This is one of the rare white wines that can be drunk young. Aromas of cherry, vanilla and a green note of powdered sage carry over to the rounded palate. It has a nice balance of fruit and savory flavors. It`s a first wave, so don`t expect too much complexity.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised despite the heavy bottle-aged, pruney and raisin flavors. There`s a sweetness in the texture that helps match up with acidity and a soft, sweet mousse. Big, fruity wine, with ripe tannins and a dense, concentrated character. It is developing well, still ripe, with black plum and a touch of bitter blackberry. The wine is ready to drink now, but it will also age for a few more years. This wine has an iron-like, peppery character that seems more like a dry Champagne than a Pinot Noir. But it`s very rich in black currants, with a spicy character that`s redolent of cedar and pepper. A great wine for food with barbecue. A Meritage that`s Built to Be aged, this is a lightly perfumed wine, with new wood flavors and tangy lemon zest.

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