Selection St-Michel Rouge Sec

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with ripe fruit and a firmly tannic structure under the fruit-rich exterior. The fruit is more integrated, showing raspberry fruit, anise and plenty of spice. This is a New Zealand-style blend of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, a light shade of red, with only a few acres of vines. The wine is crisp and fruity with plenty of acidity, some tannins and a final zesty edge. It is ready to drink. Deep in color, this concentrated wine smells young and earthy. Doesn`t show much sense of poise, with soft, flat-ulence red fruit flavors. Tastes of oak, green herbs and unripe red cherries. This Chardonnay from Nociceo is full of buttered toast and butterscotch flavors, with tropical fruit and caramel flavors. It`s not sweet, and has a bitter, electric finish.
Wine experts say this Red wine is the best value from the Rhône Valley. It`s dry, dry, clean, intensely refreshing and complex, with superbly bitter tannins and intense acidity. The flavors are of raspberries and cherries that will appeal to savvy palates. Powerful and concentrated, this Riesling is deeply porey and muddled on the nose, with thin, menthol-like fruit. The texture is horsey and horsey and the finish stony. Too bad, because the juiciness of the vineyard is indeed pleasant. Aromas of menthol, pressed violet, dark-skinned berry and baking spice lift from the glass. On the chewy palate, notes of star anise and clove accent a core of dried black cherry while fine-grained tannins provide support. Lots of rich raspberry, cherry, cassis and spice flavors in this dry, elegant Pinot Noir.

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