Божоле Нуво Вилляж

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a strong dose of new oak that smoothes out the softened tannins and brings in some acidity to keep the wine balanced. Drink it over the next several years. Earthy, woody berry aromas are highly herbal and suggestive of steak. This is a bit scratchy on the tongue, while big, woody flavors of currant and plum finish woody and with a resiny feel. Intensely ripe raspberry and cherry pie and cola flavors mark this wine, which is full-bodied but very tannic. The 15% alcohol is well concealed, but the fine tannins appear often in the nose and appear in the mouth, making this refined 100% varietal wine an excellent match for anything that wants a rich red. This opens with smoky, spicy aromas that suggest baked plum, dark spice and nutmeg.

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