White Zinfandel Rose Semi-Sweet

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750 ml

Partners recommend:
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with bright acidity, a firm structure and a touch of chocolate. But the wine —one in a series of single variety reds under the same name—is not really dry. It comes across as a little grapy, with a drying edge that indicates it needs another year or two to strike it rich. For now, it just seems a bit heady and heady. A new wine from Pintas, Altesse has a fresh character and a bright raspberry character. The wine is very citrus-driven with red currant and red-plum fruits at the end. Reedy and stemmy on the nose, and more like a Zinfandel than a Cabernet. The palate is soft, syrupy and a touch weedy, with jammy raspberry, cherry and spice flavors. Finishes medicinal and dry.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as promised, with a soft, approachable texture, a dry core and lots of acidity. The flavors of red berries, cherry, crushed cedar and cinnamon are delicious, and the wine has a smooth, creamy texture that would make a great steak sauce. Crisp, dry and searing in acidity, this excellent Pinot Noir from a great appellation has an ideal, clean winemaker and all-rounder, the variety`s aging potential impressively defined. Dark, spicy and smoky, this shows the structure for the vintage. A field blend that`s an Austrian tradition. It`s a big, solid, fruity wine, packed with ripe peach and lemon flavors, and shot through with an unusual, intriguing wine strain, this shows potential for long-term aging as well as ripe fruit. The wine is still very young, and needs several years to show its stuff.
Wine experts say this Red wine delivers as advertised in this easy, clean Chardonnay. It`s balanced and easy to drink, with pleasant apple, peach and tropical fruit flavors. From Kendall-Jackson`s source grapes, the wine is clean and correct in every way. This nonvintage blend is lightly gamy up front, with herbal, animal scents. On the palate, it`s thick and ripe, with forward berry, cocoa and spice flavors that end big and warm. For an 80-year-old wine, this isn`t that complex, but it`s still interesting and balanced. A distinctive mineral, citrus and pear fruit character emanates from this wine, along with tight acidity. It`s a well-balanced, fruity wine, just likely to continue through 2015. Vincent and Ludivine l`Amouller, the estate`s fourth generation, began converting the vineyard to certified organic in 2010.

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